hygiene, promises, not talking about my game

Site Hygiene: As much as I enjoyed having it and reading the comments, shoutbox is down for the time being. Neither the built-in IP-blocker or spam-catcher were working for some reason, and I was getting tired of endless Ambien shilling and Scandinavian porn offers. I’m going to see if the one I’ve been using has an updated version, or if there’s something else that’s improved and extra-shiny to replace it.

Empty Promises: I’m working on a bunch of new meshes, some of which may have actual utility if/when I finish them. This includes a deco batch of Ugly Dolls, a functional tansu staircase, and a Venetian-style mirror. The Ugly Dolls are easy since they’re just deco – I don’t know how to make them playable, which is certainly the main reason they’re deco. However, even if I did, they are just too stubby to adapt well to animation – I’ve seen a few toy meshes where the mesher had made the limbs longer to fit the animations with varying aesthetic success, and I just don’t think that Ugly Dolls look like Ugly Dolls with anything but nubbins for legs.

It’s good to have goals: It’s a secret goal of mine to fill up the whole front page with blather and yap, not a picture or download in site, and I’m almost there. Just a couple more “updates” like this one and I will realize my dream.

I am not even going to talk about the state of my game–which pretty much tells you all about the state of my game (see: drinking game tag).

the most beautiful trashbags

Quick note to let you know that I’ve remembered an alternative source for the Suiryuue garbage bags and other junk that I use in trashy scenes. I think I’ve been asked more often about those trashbags than any other item in my screenshots, and they are indeed far superior to the trashbags made by any other creator, including Maxis.

They are included in this lot at MTS2: Realistic Diner by Martine. This lot has a lot of goodies in it, but I’ll let you read the description for yourself at the link above.

FYI, I have also added a link to the lot on my WCIF? page.

uv mapping for fun and profit

You remember those aptitude tests they gave everyone in high school? The ones that were supposed to point you in the direction of achievable and appropriate career goals? I am one of the extremely few females who scores above the 95th percentile on understanding spatial relationships, certain types of related logic, etc., and even now, more than 20 years after I was told I should be a fighter pilot and/or military strategist, I’m still overly proud of my dubious status as a spatially-gifted girl-type person. Who trips over her own feet and falls down a lot, but still…

With this in mind, I anticipated that I would eventually “get” UV mapping and, while I wouldn’t call myself an expert at making maps, or more than competent at using Milkshape’s mapping functions, I do believe that I understand the process more completely than quite a few more experienced meshers, at least based on the sorry condition of their UV maps. For this reason, I have added a section to the site – see tutorials, in the sidebar.
downloads and/or more talk behind the cut →

rezoned residential – adele’s super chouette

downloads and/or more talk behind the cut →

WCIF semi-up-to-date

I’ve got all the pages that require a WCIF linked to an appropriate list, but I haven’t yet done all of the links to the outside locations of files. I will eventually do this, but it’s boring. In the interim, that’s what search engines are for.

I am a researcher by nature, and it’s something I have been employed to do in the past. I would never consider asking where I might be able to find something before I had exhausted all avenues known to me – it’s a point of pride, and it’s just how I am. I’ve become very hyperaware of search engine (non)usage lately, since so many people who post WCIF questions on the various forums I frequent don’t seem to know that such things exist. Or, rather, they’re too damn slack to do the least bit of searching on their own. I am a HUGE snob about this, and I get puffed up with self-righteous disdain when I read stupid requests. I realize that not everyone shares my proclivities, but despite this awareness, I have no intention of trying to develop a more charitable attitude toward those who will not do their own searching. However, since I’m sure that you, lovely visitor, are not too lazy to embark upon your own quests, I offer you these links:

Sailorjune’s Category lists. Somewhat outdated, but still useful.
Sims 2 Wiki Content List Category lists. Also somewhat outdated, IMO, and leaves out a LOT (also IMO), but definitely a good starting place.
A Sim’s Life Category Lists. A confession: I’ve never seen this site before, but it was linked from the Wiki, and it looks useful.
Junk & Clutter Thread @ GoS Updated frequently, and more comprehensive than most. GoS itself is also a good source of stuff. I would advise you to SEARCH the forum, including the existing WCIF posts, before posting any sort of WCIF. Self-sufficiency in searching is valued highly at GoS. You have been warned.

ETA: I’m feeling sort of bad that most of the things in my WCIF lists are things you can’t just go download right away since they are, in large part, my unreleased recolors. As it says on the WCIF page, I don’t really want to be harangued about releasing things, but if anyone wants to let me know – politely, one time – that there’s something in particular they’re interested in, I’ll be able to keep that in mind for those rare occasions when my game is running well and I can get screenshots. There’s nothing that I’m ever going to show that I’m not going to be willing to share, it’s just a matter of the schedule.