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this site is not dead, I promise

Six months is a bit long between updates, and this is really only a blather update, as I need to organize and update some files before actually offering uploads here. I have been posting things sporadically at GoS, including a few bits of furniture and a set of art supply clutter which I’m rather proud […]

TSR strikes again

Buggybooz, creator of the amazingly versatile Kitchen Basic, multiple charming plant sets, and a beautiful bedroom set for TSR’s previous community target, Reflexsims forum/Black Pearl Sims, discovered that several of her plant pot meshes were included in a pay set by TSR’s Shakeshaft. These files were named as if Shakeshaft had created them, but internally […]

New stuff, but not here

If you don’t visit Garden of Shadows regularly (or at all), you may not have seen the new objects I uploaded there a couple of days ago. Some art deco furniture, deco suitcases and a few suitcase tables, lipstick, pill bottles…and there are a couple of older things I posted over the last couple of […]

hygiene, promises, not talking about my game

Site Hygiene: As much as I enjoyed having it and reading the comments, shoutbox is down for the time being. Neither the built-in IP-blocker or spam-catcher were working for some reason, and I was getting tired of endless Ambien shilling and Scandinavian porn offers. I’m going to see if the one I’ve been using has […]

the most beautiful trashbags

Quick note to let you know that I’ve remembered an alternative source for the Suiryuue garbage bags and other junk that I use in trashy scenes. I think I’ve been asked more often about those trashbags than any other item in my screenshots, and they are indeed far superior to the trashbags made by any […]