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uv mapping for fun and profit

You remember those aptitude tests they gave everyone in high school? The ones that were supposed to point you in the direction of achievable and appropriate career goals? I am one of the extremely few females who scores above the 95th percentile on understanding spatial relationships, certain types of related logic, etc., and even now, […]

WCIF semi-up-to-date

I’ve got all the pages that require a WCIF linked to an appropriate list, but I haven’t yet done all of the links to the outside locations of files. I will eventually do this, but it’s boring. In the interim, that’s what search engines are for. I am a researcher by nature, and it’s something […]

everything new is old again

I’m reposting a bunch of my Garden of Shadows files here, as you can see below. Please let me know if any of the links don’t work or if there are any other problems. As I mentioned in a previous download-free and disappointing “update,” I have taken down the contact and WCIF pages and forms […]

pardon our dust

As you can see, it’s different. Whether or not it’s better is uncertain. If you notice anything truly awful – text apparently the same color as the background, wonky spacing, etc. – please do let me know. Otherwise, I expect I shall continue to poke at the theme with a sharp stick until either boredom […]


I have shamefully abandoned this site of recent, and I have not been at all good about responding to questions or emails, or even noticing that I have any waiting for me in the first place. Obviously, the best way to avoid face my slackitude is to redesign the site because that will distract me […]