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WCIF / still borked

I’ve run across a couple of my screenshots in WCIF threads and, because I really enjoy answering WCIF questions, I thought I’d make it easy for everyone by providing a place for WCIF queries here – the link is in the top of the sidebar. This is ONLY for questions about MY screenshots. Any WCIF […]

FYI: WNF back up / my game is borked / poll response

WNF is back up! Once again, you can download the aspiration files and, of course, regular content from the WNF sites. borked: I finally broke down and bought Freetime – I could only resist the playable violin’s siren song for so long. However, now I’m having unending crashes without apparent cause. I will spare you […]

concerning WNF sites/Adele’s gothic living meshes

Some jerk keeps hacking the WNF sites and, as of today, they’re still down. I am really sorry about the non-availability of Adele’s meshes; I will try to contact her to see if she has an alternative distribution site already, or if she’d allow me to offer the gothic living meshes here until WNF is […]

another poll

So, I’ve got about 40 build sets that I’ve recolored currently in my game, and a bunch more that I got tired of in my archives, and I’d love to share but considering the amount of difficulty I have getting the damn game to function, I am not terribly enthusiastic about taking pictures of everything, […]

finally a semblance of a link page

see: top of sidebar. Yup, links. It’s definitely a work in progress, started in earnest but quickly becoming tedious, confusing, and labor-intensive, in large part due to my having stored link buttons in half a dozen different places on my hard drive. Akin to the tattered-lace web of a spider given LSD by overly-curious scientists, […]