late to my own funeral – Dia de los Muertos decorations

(This set was originally posted at Garden of Shadows on November 3, which is the reason for the references to tardiness)

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one room vacation

Originally posted at Garden of Shadows.

If the one you really want is the “Portland Hippie Paint,” you are not alone. That’s everyone’s favorite, including mine. It is cobbled together from a photo taken (not by me – thanks, Google!) in Portland, OR. I had to do a lot of cutting and pasting to get it to tile and look “real,” but although I think the photographer may have manipulated the color a bit, I left that aspect as I found it because it’s so perfectly ruined and gorgeous.

Get one room vacation walls HERE:

For other stuff shown, see the WCIF for this set.

little queen

Originally posted at GoS. Another screenshot request. In addition to those shown, there is also a red recolor of the original texture and a version with cream-ish colored sequins. Thanks to their sharing policy, the mesh from Sims Divine is included.

Get little queen recolors HERE:

For the, er, one thing you might want to have identified, see the WCIF for this set.

take to the sky – original mesh, deco birdcage

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pardon our dust

As you can see, it’s different. Whether or not it’s better is uncertain. If you notice anything truly awful – text apparently the same color as the background, wonky spacing, etc. – please do let me know. Otherwise, I expect I shall continue to poke at the theme with a sharp stick until either boredom or perfection occurs.

Oh, and yes, the header/home link image does change, and it does so randomly. I’d prefer it did it in a predictable sequence, but I don’t know how to alter that code and, as of right now, I just don’t care enough to research it. Currently, there are only three images, but I will be adding more.

I have also temporarily removed the WCIF and contact pages so that I can try to make them function properly/replace them with something better.

In other news: I have an affiliate! Please do be visiting Nonsensica at your earliest convenience for all your sharply graphic and livably modern needs.

And now to hopefully corner and eradicate the file(s) that plot against me. For every hour I play the game, there are about three weeks that I spend trying to figure out what broke.