I have shamefully abandoned this site of recent, and I have not been at all good about responding to questions or emails, or even noticing that I have any waiting for me in the first place.

Obviously, the best way to avoid face my slackitude is to redesign the site because that will distract me with the shiny somehow fix things. Yes.

Game still broken. Bodyshop, however, is not. This is what I did yesterday and the day before:

downloads and/or more talk behind the cut →

update but no downloads (yet)

As some of you may know, I broke my foot awhile back and spent two months pretty much sitting still, my eyes rolling back in my head with the STULTIFYING BOREDOM of it all. Although it might seem like this would have given me more time to make stuff, it didn’t seem to work out that way. However, now that I get to wear real shoes again (though, sadly, not heels – yet), I am learning to mesh so that I can make some of the weird, useless, and possibly offensive things that I have always wanted in my game. I posted my very first object mesh – a deco birdcage with a slightly offensive polycount – at Garden of Shadows (it’s in my links, if you don’t already have the link yourself) but I will be uploading it here, as well, when I do my next upload.

It has come to my attention that this site doesn’t always display correctly – the dark background doesn’t load, which means you, the viewer, is stuck trying to read cream-colored text on a white background. It’s not my first priority at the moment, but I’ll probably be changing the look of things once I get my game running again…

It has been so long since I put up the poll about build sets that I’ve actually recolored about a dozen more sets and added colors to the existing sets. I’ve also veered off into a sort of neon Chinatown build theme that I blame entirely on a case of post-Olympics aesthetic bleedthrough. Maybe it’s just our new, giant TV, but everything was so VIVID and looked so snazzy, and then even the few minutes of the closing ceremony that I watched were so utterly wackadoo, that acid pink bamboo was the only logical response.

Last, but not least, thank you to everyone who has left me such nice messages and comments. It’s very encouraging to know that there are plenty of you who enjoy my odd mix of the divine and the filthy. I hope to have a ginormous amount of pics and files for you in the very near future 🙂

brokedown palace

downloads and/or more talk behind the cut →


downloads and/or more talk behind the cut →

you’ve seen this before

Since I can’t get into the game to take screenshots – or to check that my newer recolors actually work in the game – I haven’t been doing any uploads. However, there are a couple of things that have been used in screenshots here and at a couple of forums that have been requested, so I’m uploading them now.

Syringe recolor used in Gomi 2 screenshot: or
The MESH is by crocobaura @ MTS2. Get it here. I used an alpha to remove the bottles.

Recolors of Holysimoly La Boheme iron bed used in shot for GoS contest: or
I think only the red and light green one have been in any shots, and I know the red one has been requested…but I went ahead and put seven colors in the archive, since that’s what I’ve done.
Get the mesh @ Holy Simoly