WCIF / still borked

I’ve run across a couple of my screenshots in WCIF threads and, because I really enjoy answering WCIF questions, I thought I’d make it easy for everyone by providing a place for WCIF queries here – the link is in the top of the sidebar. This is ONLY for questions about MY screenshots. Any WCIF questions you have about anyone else’s screenshots will be deleted and/or mocked for your inability to read simple instructions, as well as your complete lack of common sense and basic manners.

In other news, my game is still uncooperative. I am seething with bitter, bitter frustration. I retaliated (futilely, I fully realize) by doing an old porcelain version of Phoenix Phaerie’s Manor House bath, which looks great in SimPE, anyway.

ETA: I thought I had set up the WCIF page to show an ongoing list of questions and answers…but apparently not. Still, go ahead and continue to use it as is. Eventually, figure out how to get all the queries up so that people can search to see if their questions have already been answered.

FYI: WNF back up / my game is borked / poll response

WNF is back up! Once again, you can download the aspiration files and, of course, regular content from the WNF sites.

borked: I finally broke down and bought Freetime – I could only resist the playable violin’s siren song for so long. However, now I’m having unending crashes without apparent cause. I will spare you the details of my exhaustive testing procedures, but I’m pretty much out of ideas at this point. In between crashes, I’ve been recoloring like mad to offset the frustration, so I have, like, twice as much stuff to upload as I had before – and that many more screenshots to take.

build set poll: I’ve closed the poll – I got a lot of responses, and it was a big help. I was not at all aware of how popular Olemantiker’s wonderful set is, so I might never have gotten around to uploading those files if not for your answers. I have a BIG recolor set that I hope to upload soon – if I can’t get my game to load, I may ask someone to get some screenshots for me – with all pieces done in 4 metals and 5 woods with a few glass variations.

concerning WNF sites/Adele’s gothic living meshes

Some jerk keeps hacking the WNF sites and, as of today, they’re still down. I am really sorry about the non-availability of Adele’s meshes; I will try to contact her to see if she has an alternative distribution site already, or if she’d allow me to offer the gothic living meshes here until WNF is back up again.

ETA: Adele does have an alternate download site – but not a lot of bandwidth – so be patient if you can’t download. Get the gothic living meshes here:

adele’s amelia living

downloads and/or more talk behind the cut →

another poll

So, I’ve got about 40 build sets that I’ve recolored currently in my game, and a bunch more that I got tired of in my archives, and I’d love to share but considering the amount of difficulty I have getting the damn game to function, I am not terribly enthusiastic about taking pictures of everything, especially if no one but me uses the set anyway.

I’m going to ask about them in groups based on what they’re purportedly made of. First up are the sets that I’ve recolored entirely in “metal” tones. I’ve got three standard textures – dark iron, iron, rusty – and almost all sets have been recolored in all three. Additionally, quite a few have an additional “institutional paint” texture, which is a slightly greenish cream with rust. There are also a few that are done in a sort of galvanized metal texture in lieu of and/or in addition to my regular metals. Anyway, they’re all designed to be industrialish and unshiny.

Vote for what you use, or what you would use if you liked the colors available – no guarantees, of course, that you’d like mine, but at least they’d be different than what you have already.

And a real update is coming, I promise!

ETA: to be clearer, whatever textures I’ve slapped on to any given set will be shared; I’m just wanting to know which sets anyone might actually use or want to use.  And thanks for the answers thus far 🙂