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System Maintenance…

please be patient while the system is updated.

TS2 to TS3 conversions

Just wanted to quickly let anyone interested in converting my TS2 meshes to TS3 know that it is A-OK to do that. You don’t need to ask my permission. Do give me credit, of course.

update but no downloads (yet)

As some of you may know, I broke my foot awhile back and spent two months pretty much sitting still, my eyes rolling back in my head with the STULTIFYING BOREDOM of it all. Although it might seem like this would have given me more time to make stuff, it didn’t seem to work out […]

you’ve seen this before

Since I can’t get into the game to take screenshots – or to check that my newer recolors actually work in the game – I haven’t been doing any uploads. However, there are a couple of things that have been used in screenshots here and at a couple of forums that have been requested, so […]

links added/hosting services

I’ve added additional links to the posts that were previously only hosted on Divshare; I didn’t realize that people in China and Southeast Asia can’t use divshare, or at least not for free. Hopefully, Mediafire links work for everyone; if not, please feel free to contact me (there’s a contact button in the sidebar @ […]