elegant decay?

I have a fierce and sentimental love for beautiful things going to seed.

what is a nixy?

The word has a few meanings, most of them cuter than the one I’ve glommed onto.

nixy: an undeliverable or illegible piece of mail

Or, as I interpret it, a good intention gone awry. I am not the steadiest or most reliable girl, but I mean well. When I fold, spindle and mutilate, I do it with love.

what can I do with your stuff?

My philosophy about posting content of any sort online goes like this: if you put it on the internet, you no longer control it. If you don’t want people downloading, copying, repurposing or recycling something that you’ve made, don’t upload it.

Rather than saying what’s allowed, It’s easier to say what I’d prefer you didn’t do: No claiming it as your own, no selling it, no uploading it to any paysite – not even the “free” section of a paysite.

I put a lot of detail into my recolors, and it is not uncommon for me to fiddle with a texture for hours until I get it “right.” Because of the ridiculous amount of time I put into these files, I would certainly appreciate receiving credit if they are used prominently in movies or screenshots, and a link back here would be nice. However, if you forget–or if you’re just lazy–I’m not about to hunt you down and harangue you.

You are welcome to take my files apart and use the pieces as you see fit, including reusing and/or recoloring textures and alphas. Again, I’d appreciate credit for my contribution, but I’m not interested in policing anyone’s use of my files.

You don’t have to ask my permission to use or reuse my files, but if you do something you’re particularly proud of, I’d love to see it.

12/30/08 ETA: Now that I am making my own meshes, I have an addition to my TOU.

You may include my meshes with recolors, or in lots you upload to sites that are 100% free. Sites that require registration to access downloads are okay, so long as registration is the only requirement the user must meet. For example, if you require people to meet a certain post count to access downloads, do not include my meshes in those files. I don’t ask for anything in exchange for my mesh file – you don’t need to pay me, say thank you, or dance on your hind legs, and I think it’s very bad manners to ask your visitors to jump through hoops to get to the same file that I gave you without requiring anything at all. The only exception allowed is if you wish to offer the mesh file as part of a contest prize.

As with recolors, I am very okay with you reusing my meshes – take them apart, rearrange the pieces, make something cool. Please do actually change the mesh substantially before you claim it as your own work. As always I do appreciate getting credit for my contribution to whatever it is you end up with.

Share and have fun, damnit!

speaking of sharing…what about pay files?

I do share pay files in places set up for those purposes. However, the point of this site is to share my recolors of both pay and free files. When it is easy (and it usually is) to get a pay file from an alternative source, I’m likely to provide a link there.

Regardless of what I do with pay files from other sites, please note that NO TSR MESHES WILL BE SHARED FROM THIS SITE. I do not want to deal with their shit, period. Even if I recolor a TSR mesh, NONE of the files I link for download will contain actual TSR files. The vast majority of TSR meshes can be obtained easily from the booty.

Whenever possible, the wishes of free creators will be honored. If a site and/or creator has disappeared, I will include any necessary mesh files with my recolors. If you are a free creator and find that I am distributing a file that is actually readily available elsewhere, please let me know so that I can make appropriate changes to my archive file and add a link to the mesh location.

Please note that if a free creator has pulled his or her creations offline and done a vindictive flounce, I am unlikely to be sympathetic to any requests (or demands) that I stop sharing their meshes with my recolors. Also, if a free creator decides to go pay and reuploads all their stuff at, say, TSR, I will continue to distribute the free versions of those files as appropriate to support use of my recolors.

need to contact me?

nixy.elegantdecay (at ) gmail (dot ) com